Ron and Beverly recently visited Bowling Green, KY to welcome their newborn Corvette Z06 into the world.  Here are some pictures and their comments about this once in a lifetime event.

Here is the front view 427 CI/505 HP engine used exclusively in the Z06

This is the side view before it joined the chassis

This picture shows the pipes out of the mufflers (3 inch) and the baffle

Coming down the line.

This is Ron and Beverly with the Vette.  Tires have not touched the ground yet

The proud parents pose with the new baby about to be born

The new baby hasn't even been wiped off yet as the paint shows

  Almost ready to spank

Getting close to the end of the line.  Wheels have not turned yet.

The first time the Vette's tires have touched down and it is going thru various cosmetic qaulity checks.  At the end of the production line, there is what is called, "first start and drive off the line."

They put me in the car and let me do first start and drive off the line.  I became the first one to ever start and drive our Vette!!!  At this point in the line, the production workers made out a "Birth Certificate" for our Vette and gave Beverly and I each a copy.

I was told before I drive it off the line, notice the odometer, because this is the only time it will ever read "0" miles

Here I go!!!!

Are the tires squealing yet?

Slowing down just before the Vette goes into the rain chamber to check for leaks. 

What a great experience.  We got copies of stuff off the line that are normally thrown away such as a build sheet, work sheets, labels, etc.  Everyone along the line were just great and could not thank us enough for buying a Corvette.  I also got some of the production workers to sign a sheet I had made up.  One thing I almost forgot to mention, before the body was married to the chassis, they had me write my name and date on the drive shaft!