Meeting Notes and Notices

The next meeting of the Classic Chevy Club of North Arkansas will be at 1101 Spring Street, Van Matre Senior Center on Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 at 6:00PM

                                                         President: Ron Young                        Vice President: Beverly Young

                                                         Secretary: Mary Anne Hasenbach         Treasurer: Jim Speaks

                                                         Sergeant at Arms: Barbie Wiersema


Newsletter for September, 2018

Called to Order: 

The regular meeting of the Classic Chevy Club of North Arkansas was held at 6:00 PM on September 11, 2018.  Officers present were Ron Young, President; Beverly Young, Vice President; Jim Speaks, Treasurer and Mary Anne Hasenbach, Secretary.  There were 19 members present.


Secretary Report:       

The minutes of the August meeting were read and approved as read


Treasurer Report:

Jim Speaks, Treasurer reported the Club is solvent with all the debits and credits in balance.


President Report: 


Upcoming Events:



Barbie reported sending a sympathy card to Shady whose brother passed away.


Old Business:

Both Sharon and Lewis Hill took first place at the Bakersfield show.  The Flippin show was postponed to Sat., Sept 29.  Methvin fall pick-up will be Oct. 15.  Ron will be disposing of all trophy pieces, so if you would like any, come by on Oct. 14.


New Business:

The following people have agreed to have their names placed on the ballot for 2019 officers:

   President – Donna Gellenbeck

   Vice President – Sharon Hill 

   Treasurer – Jim Speaks

   Sgt. at Arms – Barbie Wiersema

Nominations are still open and officers will be elected at the November meeting.

We are still in need of a Secretary.



Jim Lisiecki  announced the cruise for September will take place on Thursday the 13th.  We will meet at Stage at 12:30 PM, leaving at 1:00 PM for Ruby Tuesday’s in West Plains.  The fall color ride will be on Friday, October 26.  Details to follow.


Christmas Party

Barbie has reserved the back room at the Italian Gardens for Sunday, December 2 at 11:00 for our annual Christmas Party.  Everyone will order off the menu and be responsible for their own bill.




Meeting adjourned at 6:24 PM.