This page is dedicated to the memories of our members.  Shown are some of the first cars owned along with how we looked back when........

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Gary and Chris         



Dennis The early Years



Shady at home and abroad



Roger and Caryl with their college son



Stanley as original


Barbie with first car a TR-4




Ron, baby, caps, street




Glenn and a friend



Neal looking for carburetor



John on one of his early rides



Beverly - The mystery is revealed





Merle - After a let out he still wears......



Dale on windy winter day and other events



Dave tuning up his early Vette



Roxanne - a really early year





                                                                               1955 A Beginning      Movie Star               1975 A Career                                      

                                                                                                             Steve and the wonder years






                                               Steve with folk's '47 Merc              1971 on Fisherman's Warf            Steve & Sharon circa 1966              Steve's 16th Birthday (sill has the Olds F-85)

                                                                                                         Steve & Sharon share some moments





In 1950 Jim takes a rest on his 1938 Chrysler